EurotaxRepairEstimate - simple and efficient - new route to vehicle damage calculation

EurotaxRepairEstimate (ERE) is the next generation damage-calculation expert system, one of the European market leader. ERE is a graphically orientated software tool for insurance companies, vehicle damage accessors and bodyshops to calculate vehicle damage easily. Its underlying 2GByte graphic- and database covers the most important segments of the European car market: cars, sport utility vehicles (SUV) and light commercial vehicles. ERE not only shows parts and parts' price information, manufactures' notes and annotations, labour time and paint data but calculates on the fly overlap times and total cost of repair.

Visualization according to damage groups was one of the key concept of the development of ERE. Categorizing parts hierarchically into "PrimaryGraphic-DamageSets-PartSets-Parts" groups, and their smart linkage to the appropriate vector graphic pictures (SVG) makes it possible to select the relevant part only with a few mouse click. This new level of navigation and spare part selection logic brings considerably better overviews of the whole process, increase efficiency of assessors and makes it possible to learn ERE within minutes.

ERE handles calculations of the body, mechanics, interior and paint damages. Additionally, it has specialized calculation modules, such as hail damage calculation module or paint systems CESVIMAP and BAREMO, just to name a few. Alongside OEM data ERE supports handling of second source spare parts as well as customer-specific preferences and optimizations.

ERE XML interface makes it easy to integrate it into 3rd party products. ERE supports 24 countries and its native language interface speaks 31 languages on the same Windows!

You can use ERE not only on your desktop PC but also on your laptop or handheld computer, even on the spot by the help of ERE "outdoor" feature. This unique method highlights all user interface elements to ensure better visibility even when the sun is glaring on it.

There are a couple of generic parts and works which are hard to categorize, such as switches, sensors, security devices, bulbs, tyres, customer defined works and parts. ERE categorize these parts into a common place called "Additionals".

Implementation of ERE has a modular approach. Parts of ERE has built around ERKERNEL which implements all business related logic and a common module (DLL) for the Windows-based "ERE-Offline" and the WEB(browser)-based counterparts ERE-Online. Interface of ERE programmatic interface is based on single XML input- and output documents. Reporting engine of ERE is able to generate highly customizable HTML, PDF, DOC or List & Label reports.
Several hundred thousand of source code, implemented in MSC C++, JavaSript and ECMA script, ERE has a modern, solid and proven technology background. It runs on wide variety of Windows platforms. Additionally, there is an "unofficial" Linux port for demonstration purposes.